Typing for kids       

When I heard about typing for kids I was instantly intrigued into the activity when my mum said that when she did typing she said it changed her life forever because she was able to get work done so much faster and she could play more and who wouldn’t want that so I said I would give it a try in the first lesson I was  greeted in such a kind way that I continued it for 1 year so hear I am now telling you my story. Typing is great because their is such a wide range of ages and you get to meet lot’s of others from other years and maybe even other schools but lucky for me that it is so convenient since it is at our school. But I mustn’t forget the tutors they are the ones who lead us all to typing at a million words per minute so on behalf of the kids I would like to say thank you!! 🙂

By Lily

Lily (Yr 6)