Dear Judy,
I have enjoyed the typing lessons in ‘’. It will and has helped me throughout my life. Touch typing is a very important skill to have and I recommend it for young kids so that they will have that skill throughout their life. I know that typing will definitely help teens in high school and of course has helped me. I appreciate all the typing teachers helping me every afternoon, to teach me how to type, and not only being there to supervise, but to help me fight my habit of looking at the keyboard while typing. The levels get harder as our typing skill gets better. Not only have they got typing lessons, but the website has games too. The games are relevant to typing, so it’s a mix of both fun and typing. The tests on the website are my favourite. Not only do they test your typing skills, but help me improve by telling me my words per minute. I love the idea of printing your certificates after a long term of typing. I have a pile at home stacked with records of my WPM (words per minute) and accuracy. The badges disguise as rewards after you complete a whole lesson. Sometimes a like to gaze at the badges and go through the accuracy. The skins (or backgrounds) are fun and cool to play with too. Some days you can have ‘under the sea’ and other days you can have ‘Pixels’. It’s a unique way to decorate your typing profile.

Bemy (Bondi Public School)