Typing 4 Kids is an Australian owned and operated business that is dedicated to offering tutor led touch-typing skills to Primary and High School students.  Our focus is on accuracy using the correct finger on each letter key.  Sitting correctly to avoid bad posture and bad habits.  Correct hand, wrist and finger placement so as the best touch-typing skills can be learned.  Touch-typing is a commitment to learning correct finger placement on the keyboard to build muscle memory in the fingers whilst not looking at the keyboard.  This is not learnt overnight, but it can be learned and the younger the better.  Your child will be making a commitment to a skill they will have and use accurately for life.

Each child works at their own pace and completes the modules in sequence with constant interaction, encouragement and motivation from the tutor.  Children can join us at any time during the term as there is no competition between children.  Once the letter keys are completed we start to run regular tests to monitor improvement.

On average children learn to touch-type in approximately 30-40 hours.  We still have children typing with us since our inception, as they love the challenge and wish to increase their skills.

Children attend lessons once per week for 1 hour.  We set up an online Premium account for each child, which holds their course progression, accuracy, test results and more.  We use this information to challenge the children to increase their results.

Benefits of touch-typing

  • It is an essential life skill in today’s computer world
  • When taught early, will stay learned forever
  • Will make homework faster and easier
  • Will be an invaluable skill addition to any CV
  • Be prepared for when National assessments like Naplan moves online – read more here
  • Is fun, improves dexterity, memory and focus

For more information contact us on info@typing4kids.com.au.